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Making Tax Digital Grant Thornton VAT filing solution.

From our experience a large number of businesses rely on Excel spreadsheets in preparing the VAT return workings. Grant Thornton’s VAT filing solution provides a quick, simple and cost effective way to submit the required VAT return data to HMRC directly from Excel via an API connection. We map our solution to your Excel workings and within a few clicks your data will be transmitted to HMRC.

Making Tax Digital Overview
When Making Tax Digital (MTD) becomes mandatory on 1 April 2019, most UK VAT registered organisations with a taxable turnover above the VAT registration threshold (currently £85,000 for UK established businesses) will be required to submit their VAT return data electronically via an appropriate Application Program Interface (API). This will apply to all VAT returns starting after 1 April 2019.

Grant Thornton VAT return filing solution
Our MTD compliant VAT return filing solution is a bridging solution which integrates neatly into the existing VAT return workings Excel spreadsheet tool bar. The add-in is easy to install and use, and is accessed via a toolbar button at the top of the spreadsheet.

Following the submission of your data to HMRC via an API connection, an automatic email will be sent to your nominated recipient's inbox with the summary data confirming that the submission has been successful.

Our VAT filing solution has been successfully tested and demonstrated to HMRC. We are now listed as a recognised software supplier.

The solution will also be available to business submitting VAT returns on behalf of their clients as agents.

Basic IT requirements
The key technical requirements for our MTD software are as follows:

1. Internet connection (port 443 open)
2. Internet Explorer 11 (does not have to be default browser, but has to be installed on machine)
3. Firewall allows access to our application
4. Excel 2016 or later
5. Please note that there is no Excel macro to install

Please discuss these requirements with your IT team to understand if it is possible to install the software and confirm what version of Excel your business currently has.

Live submission of VAT returns
Our clients have made live submissions to HMRC using our software. In order to make the live submission prior to 1 April 2019, you will need to register for a pilot with HMRC. Further information on the pilot can be found here.

Installation of software
The software is available to upload from Microsoft Office app store. The users will need to be set up on our system in order to activate the software.

Further information
Please feel free to get in touch if you would like further information and a demonstration of our MTD VAT filing solution.


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